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Pattaya Thailand – A Travel Guide That You Need Before Going to Pattaya

Just like Phuket, Pattaya is another wonderful spot full of beaches along the Gulf of Thailand. From its beautiful Jomtien Beach to one of the biggest shopping malls in Aisa, Pattaya covers you with almost all the facilities for the tourists. Beaches and shopping malls are not the only attractions in Pattaya, the beautiful islands of Ko Larn, Ko Krok or Ko Sak are some of the other stunning places to explore for relaxation.

The Walking Street in Pattaya and the Sanctuary of Truth (The Giant Temple) that is carved out of wood are some other major sources of attraction. The hotels in Pattaya and the nightlife in Pattaya with 24-hour active clubs will make your stay at Pattaya even more beautiful.

Whether it is a night time or a daytime, tourists have loads of things to do in this beautiful city. The sunshine loves can head to the beautiful beaches and in the night the excitement shifts to the exciting walking streets and clubs.

Best Hotels in Pattaya

Keeping aside the beautiful beaches and the nightlife of this city. When it comes to accommodation then this city is capable of accommodating a lot of people simultaneously. Couples, families, friends and business travellers can find suitable hotels in Pattaya for a very reasonable price. Some of the famous hotels in Pattaya are

  • Hard Rocket Hotel Pattaya
  • LK The Empress Pattaya
  • The Imperial Pattaya Hotel
  • Nova Gold Hotel
  • Baboona Beachfront

The Walking Street in Pattaya and The Beautiful Temples

It is not only about the beaches, night shows and the spas in Pattaya. There are so many other GREAT things that Pattaya city of Thailand offers everyone. The beautiful temples like the Wat Phra Yai Temple (Big Buddha Statue) will definitely give you an extraordinary experience. The 18 meters tall Big Buddha is the largest in that region.

This statue is loved by the tourists and the beautiful designs of the statue are simply mind-blowing. This Big Buddha Statue is surely the depiction of Thai culture and traditions. Wat Phra Yai Temple will definitely make your day as there are so many things to explore.

Where to Go in Pattaya?

Well, the above-mentioned places are the most loved among the tourists. The beaches like the Jomtien beach, Pattaya Beach and the Nakula are the best beaches in this city to go. You will find terrific atmosphere and excitement on these beautiful beaches. This city has a lot to offer from clubs to the amazing museums to water parks, Pattaya will give you a new thing to explore at its every corner.


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