Ways to go from Bangkok to Mae Sot (Thailand)?

Bus Bangkok Mae Sot

Bus Bangkok Mae Sot question by kiki b: Ways to go from Bangkok to Mae Sot (Thailand)?
I’m going to Thailand in June and will certainly stay for a couple of days in Bangkok then I have to go to Mae Sot. I recognize the bus vacation is long, but I’m prepared for it. Issue is, I’ve never been to the country – exactly how difficult or easy it is to get to Mae Sot? Is there, like, a central bus station in Bangkok and I just request for a ticket to Mae Sot? Please, any sort of tip is very much welcome.:)

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Solution by Kevin KYea the major bus station is at Morchit, be mindful when buying tickets however, some companies will certainly tell you something but deliver a different service. Your finest bet is the The Transportation Co. that is run by the government, their ticket counter inside near the back, and has a significant indication you can’t miss it.

Another option is to fly to Chaing Mai, then take the bus type there, the flight is onlya about 1 hr, and te bus to Mae Sot is about 2-3 hrs.

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Bus Bangkok Mae Sot
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Mae Sot

Mae Sot. Much more at www.thailandmagic.com and http Many trader congregate at Mae Sots main street along the treasure shops to inspect gems either with the naked eye or by ways of pencil-light torch or lens – like the expert below – who make a living as specialist to approximate the value of the valuable stones – right here some jade pearls -. There are several inexpensive Mae Sot hotels at the Soi branching off the primary roadway. Probably the greatest Mae Sot hotels are at the entrance to Mae Sot from Tak and at the northern bypass road. The Mae Sot Central hotel at the bypass road has a very rather bistro just along a pond, the hotel is operated by one of the big Thai hotel chains. Additionally the Mae Sot Hill Resort is in a pretty environment.